Working for Your  Success - Professional Services

Vetting and sourcing projects and ideas is part science and part art.  Most business people get the technology part through  scores of websites, databases, software, etc. The art is having the knowledge and experience to put together all the pieces and formulate a strategy that meets both the capabilities and risk tolerance of each individual business shareholder.

Having an experienced professional team in your corner  that can not only ask the right questions but understand the scope of the answers, is the key to success. Shareholders/Principals  have a specific goals  at acquisition/inception, the problems come when the plan goes awry and options are limited due to a poor or uninformed decision making.

We know how to structure debt and equity, minimize risk, create value, analyze markets, and evaluate assets critical to your success.

Our Professional Services are designed to make certain you not only get all the information but understand the risk and consequences of each of the data points. We then provide you the tools and support to execute your strategy through on going monitoring of changing market conditions.


Markets change, but more importantly, market perceptions change. Knowing the difference is what we do best.

  • Operational and Management Improvement

  • Analysis & Feasibility

  • Specialized Opportunities

  • Strategic Planning

  • Exit Strategies & Divestitures

  • Asset Buy & Sell Strategies

  • Asset Acquisition

  • Default Management/Workouts

  • Investment and Market Analysis

  • Startup - Funding and Organization

  • Importing and Export

  • Operational/Financial Management and Reporting

  • Due Diligence

  • Portfolio Review

  • Asset Valuation

  • Cash Flow

  • Transactional Structure

  • Market Research

  • Risk Management

  • Bookkeeping, AR, AP, Payroll

  • Inventory Management

  • Business and Marketing Plans

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